Specializing In Hair Color

At The New Door Salon our colorists specialize in color.  That allows us to offer you the best in hair color services.  You can feel confident with any service we offer.  Check out our various services below.

Single Process Color

During this service, we apply permanent or demi permanent color to your new growth area or all over your head to create a new base color, lifting and depositing the hair color in one simple and easy step. Single-process color is one of the most common hair color treatments out there. It won’t damage your hair and it’s a great way to cover those grays and make that dull hair shine! We recommend touching up a single-process color about every four to six weeks.

Partial Highlights

During this treatment, we will use foils and the color of your choice to place partial highlights in the top half of your hair. You can also add a single process color to this service to change your natural color or to cover gray hair.

Full Highlight

During the full highlight service, we highlight or your hair all over your head, including the front, sides, back and nape of your neck. Full highlights are a great way to dramatically change your hair color without fully coloring your all your hair at once. Full highlights can also give you either a natural look or a dramatic look, so make sure to tell us which look you’re going for.

Face Frame Highlights

Face frame highlights are a wonderful new trend that can help you create the perfect hairstyle. During this service, we will part your hair the way you would typically wear it, then place a few highlights around your front hairline.


“Balayage” is a French word that means “sweeping.” During this service, we use a sweeping technique of free-hand painting highlights onto your hair, which creates a more natural and softer gradation of lightness towards the ends. Balayage is one of the most natural looking highlighting techniques and gives all shades of hair a sun kissed look. Because balayage looks more natural, the technique allows for a softer grow out and allows you to go longer between services.


During the hair gloss service, we give your hair a longer lasting and more vibrant color and help reduce your split ends, frizzy hair and overall dryness. This shine treatment for your colored strands is customized to your hair and helps reduce brassiness and bring out wanted undertones. We recommend booking the hair gloss service to help refresh and enhance your hair and its color. Anyone with colored or highlighted strands can benefit from this service.

Double Process Color

This can be one of two different services. One is when the hair is lightened to remove the hair pigments. Then, a toner is added to the lightened hair to create the desired color. The other service is when two types of colors are done during the same service, such as a root touch up and ends refreshed.